Magda has wrinkles on her hands. She has two white poodles named Rickard and Daniel. She lives in a small apartment in  Kreuzberg.
Every morning after her coffee and cigarette she eats a German breakfast made of cheese, boiled eggs, liverwurst and schlackwurst . She also always gets fresh pretzel rolls at the market. It s called Laugenstangen and it’s her favorite.
She loves to go to the market and always gets good vegetables to make hearty soups.
She used to make lentil soups and goulash for her family when she still lived with them. She has two kids who are now all grown up but she hasn’t seen or talked to them in years.
She was not happy back then. It already seems like another life, very very far away.
She has had to make a very difficult decision but it was crucial to her happiness. Magda was looking for a purpose and a way to feel whole.
She found it.
Her present is the community she belongs to now. The world of Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission, Sadism and Masochism. A vast world that welcomes everyone with or without a non normative outlook.
Magda lives a quiet and discreet life in Berlin, but at night she dresses up and she shows power and authority. A lot of men and women are fond of her skills.