Agua Viva

Who are you ? 
I am Alexa Lim Haas, a fluid feeling person from NYC
How are you? 
In a state of positive and negative transition, but following the beat of this drum to see where it takes me.
Where have you been last year ?
I was in a constant state of moving and mistakes in 3 different Brooklyn apartments, but I’ve now settled in an apt alone by Prospect Park.
What is the thing you looked at the most during the pandemic? 
The construction of my apartments, admiring the old details and the moldings, wondering about all the people who inhabited these old spaces before.
What are your plans for the near future?
To better trust my truths, and be more honest and communicative with them.
What’s your favorite thing to draw?
My subconscious personified in a self portrait
What do you like most about animation?
The attention it has given me to the way we each uniquely embody gesture and emotion, and how it has asked of me to redefine them for myself.
Would you rather fly or be able to breathe underwater? Why?
Breath underwater. I love how when our ears are underwater, we fall into the silence of our inner-body and of a distant infinity. I feel a return to my origin self, amoebic and structure-less. Plus I am a Filipinx New Yorker, an islander at heart who yearns for the Ocean.