Classified Jobs: The Fluffer

A Helping Hand, The Fluffer

There are a reported 33 million Americans who are currently unemployed, the highest rate in almost 100 years. With this in mind — and also because I’m one of them and have at this point nothing else to do with the solo time in my small Lower Manhattan apartment that I can no longer afford — here’s the first installation of a new ongoing series where Unemployed looks into a variety of potential jobs for when we’re allowed to congregate and touch each other again. The hope is to offer a thorough examination of each occupation so that readers can make a thoughtful and informed decision. First up, the Fluffer.

Anyone who’s been a PA (production or personal assistant) knows there’s really no limit to what your employer isn’t uncomfortable with asking you to do. Perhaps the most ethically loose industry within which to offer these services is porno-film production. And one of the least/most appealing tasks for a smut-set PA is to “fluff” male actors’ erections for an upcoming scene. Since the prevalence of Viagra in ’98, those designated to solely fluffing are much less common — though gangbangs and bukkake scenes often require more hands-on attention than others — and this role is thrown into the kitchen-sink of those that a PA will be expected to handle.

Read on to glean some important insight from the experience of one anonymous porn-set PA that I found on Reddit.

Q: What can you tell us about fluffers?
A: It’s usually homosexuals who enjoy being fluffers. They help maintain a guy’s erection using well-lubed fleshlights; they don’t usually perform fellatio.

Q: Are they just needed for the male actors or for their female counterparts as well?
A: Well, there really isn’t much need to fluff females. Before shooting though, I notice the female performers will use dildos and whatnot to get aroused and loose to ease entry. I’ve been told it hurts at times, especially with guys who are so hung.

Q: What does the set smell like?
A: Honestly, like a gym full of sweaty guys. We use air fresheners a lot.

Q: Could one join the set and watch the BTS IRL before committing to the job?
A: We don’t really allow that but you could be an extra on the set. That would work.

Q: How’d you get started in the industry?
A: It just happened. I have a background in filmmaking and a friend sort of introduced me. Was curious and it became my full-time job.

Q: So really, anyone join?A:
Directors don’t really care, honestly. They just care if you can perform and shoot the scene as directed. If you can’t do it, Oh well. They just choose the next one. It’s like a mass chicken farm. They don’t care about you as a person.

Q: Ever get hit by friendly fire?

A: Yes.

Q: Does anyone masterbate onset?
A: No — apart from the adult performers if they want to warm up between scenes. The director is allowed to have some though afterwards (which I find weird). We’re all desensitized to everything. So watching people fucking is like watching a cartoon. You have to be ready emotionally. You have to try and keep your basic morals intact at least when working in this environment.

Q: Are there ever any emotional breakdowns?
I saw was an amateur guy who broke down when he couldn’t maintain an erection and a young lady who was in pain from doing anal. I think both were on drugs or something beforehand. A lot of these people have issues

Q: Do the porn actors really enjoy their jobs, do you think?
A: I would say 80% seem to enjoy it. They are really sexual animals. Some are so high they don’t feel anything inside.

Q: What percentage of performers are high onset?
A: The amateurs, those who just shoot one scene for one quick paycheck and don’t come back (ejaculate and evacuate), aren’t usually high. The big-name performers usually are high in some way or form. I can’t provide an exact percentage. This is hard to quantify.

Q: About what percentage of actors offer extras to anyone who works BTS? Have you partaken? Do you have an idea of how much they charge?
A: Yes, you can get tired of pussy after seeing so many, but you won’t deny it if it hits you in the face. I’ve had free-action offers from porn stars on the side. (They are extremely lustful.) I declined though since it freaks me out knowing what they’ve been up to. I would say 60% offer extra services outside of filming. If they are willing to have sex in front of camera with complete strangers then they are open to anything. Some are escorts and charge 1000 USD per session for the full package.

Q: Does working in the industry affect your libido?
A: Not really. My girlfriend and I still pound it like wild, rabid animals. My work life, I treat like work. I prepared myself emotionally for it. I managed to control urges while on set, something you learn over time.

Q: What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen?
A: A guy penetrating the wrong hole too fast and the girl screaming in pain.

Q: That doesn’t sound very funny … Anything else disturbing that you’ve seen?
A: Yes, I saw a guy deposit in a woman’s mouth. She then spit it out into another guy’s mouth.

Q: Why do you think it is that the porn industry in the Czech Republic is so big compared to that of other European countries?
A: Religion isn’t huge there, so there’s no moral compass.

Q: Ever seen any injuries?
A: Yes, however they are too graphic to mention. Let’s just say, “The color red.” Got an idea now?

Q: With free-streaming sites, how viable is this industry these days?
A: I would say the revenue generated from paying customers, advertising, etc. outweighs lost revenue from those free sites.

Q: Ever wonder what you’re doing with your life?A:
Yes. But hey, at least I’m not the one doing the filming and performing. I just assist with the set. It pays well.

Q: What’s the worst part of your job?
A: Watching human beings destroying their souls. You can see it in their eyes; they all have this lust-ridden, glaring look.

Q: What are the lunch hours?
A: We shoot scenes at different times, so there is no set time for lunch. If there is nothing going on, we can take breaks.

Q: Are you hiring?
A: We’re always looking for fresh new talent of course. It’s a dynamic industry; people come and go all the time.