For the past few years Benedict has made videos which depict digital worlds populated by aliens on talk shows, gluttonous beds, and talking dolphins. Through a near religious commitment to television, he subverts the conventions of popular infotainment genres such as music videos, YouTube tutorials, cooking shows, advertising, and talk shows. In this way, he makes us feel what it’s like to live in an infinitely malleable realm, in other words, in the present.

Degrees of Disgust follows a dominatrix Uber Eats driver as she considers the political forces and historical events that brought her to this point. He confronts our culture’s endless drive towards ‘self-optimisation’ and the position that women find themselves in when trying to organize their lives around practices they find ridiculous and possibly even indefensible.

By Will Benedict
Pictures by Reto Schmitd.
Starring Lily Mc Nemany
Stylist : Helena Tejedor
Production : Producing Love
Set design : Cécile di Giovanni
Model : Lily Mcmenamy
Makeup : Louisa Trapier
Hair stylist : Quentin Lafforgue at Saint Germain
DOP : Johan Le Roux
Assistants : Loc Boyle, Léa Campbell, Théo Guigui, Julie Meilleur
Deads: Hala Moawad, David Ezri, Alexander Hertling, Cecile Winckler.