Theresa Martinat (b. 1989) lives and works in Berlin. She studied Fine Art at the University of Arts in Berlin and the Cooper Union in New York City. In addition to various group exhibtions, solo exhibitions include Underground Photo Gallery (Finland), Investitionsbank (Germany). In 2013 she was selected for the award of IBB Preis für Fotografie initiated by Investitionsbank Berlin and Karl Hofer Gesellschaft.

Theresa Martinat’s practice is concerned with multimedia installation mostly channeling photography as main source. In the long term project Like It Never Happend (2010 – 2013) she uses snapshotlike photography and real-life fragements of modern-day forms of communication, like Skype, textmessages and Facebook, that restructure our social life, to clash against each other in order to create a new context. In her latest work she keeps on dealing with the reconstruction of memory, the body and especially the skin.