Sayer Kanakriyeh is a filmmaker, photographer, video artist, and musician. He has documented, filmed, and photographed all over the world. Sayer studied screenwriting and art at Chapman University in Orange, California. Upon graduating he produced, wrote, and directed his narrative feature film, Where Are You? (2013), as well as a short documentary film, The Story of Doctor Ziyad Hijazi (2015), which filmed in Jordan, Qatar, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles. Sayer served as a creative director and curator at the Almost Holden Collection. His photography has been published in the Stay Young Zine. He is currently serving as the editor for the feature film The Dreams of Rene Sendam (2017), directed by Joshua Zev Nathan. Sayer’s work focuses on the cinematic, surreal, the influence of media, and the blurring of the line between art and entertainment

From Southern California


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