Lives and works in London. http://www.ivarwigan.com/

Ivar Wigan exhibits a nuanced sensitivity to light, composition and narrative. This is due in part to his early years working in film production, fashion and advertising photography. Although Wigan’s subject matter is often focused on the unglamourous realities of urban poverty — gangs and their affiliates, strip club interiors — the impetus to document comes from a place of admiration. In this way, his photographs call to mind the work of Nan Goldin or Richard Billingham, where drama and spectacle are as central a focal point as empathy. Wigan received his MA in History of Art and Ancient History from the University of Edinburgh. Most recently, he produced The Gods, a series he created from time spent immersed in the North America sprawl of Atlanta, Miami and Los Angeles. It was here that Wigan became absorbed by capturing unusual and typically undocumented lifestyles.


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