Versace Jeans Couture @ Fred Segal

Versace Jeans Couture @ Fred Segal

“It looks like a bag of hot pink Miami cocaine exploded in here.”

Welcome to the celebration of 60 years of Versace at Fred Segal. It’s The Who’s-Who of the LA fashion universe, and the bi-coastal crew thirsty for NYFW indulged in their own West Hollywood event.

Everyone is impossibly hip and not-so-effortlessly beautiful. The people-watching yieldied leopard suits, cowboy hats, and more wide-legged pants than a BeeGees tribute concert. Decades of people showed up, thrilled for human contact in the pandemic: from the TikTokers to the painfully chic old timers who wildly out-dressed the rest of us, everyone wove through racks of Versace couture artfully peppered through the private event.

And no matter who you were – or who you were wearing – you happily messed up your lipstick for some devastatingly good Esquela Tacos. Still hungry for those, actually.

Yet as achingly cool as the crowd is, there’s an open, approachable feel to the night – which shouldn’t be a surprise, as the event was hosted by Unemployed Magazine, an art magazine founded by New York artists and cool kids Sophie Tabet and Cecile Winckler. Unemployed is the flagship of trendsetters and tastemakers, proving the kids who probably got told they were too weird were actually way ahead of the curve.

DJ Silvia Prada did not cease to be the coolest person in the room in vivid Versace, her bright dance beats cast a celebratory light on the whole scene with the hot pink carpets serving as the dance floor.

Some notable faces were Delilah Belle, Kara del Toro, Madi Monroe, Lio Rush, Madame Methven, Shantel Miss Jackson, and rapper NLE Choppa – who garnered some desperate fans from outside the venue.

And maybe the most VIP party guest of the night was magician Paul Fegen, in a sequined blazer and diamond encrusted playing-card bling.

As the night wrapped up, attendees walked out with a custom canvas tote bag reading “Radical Love.” A woman in a dramatic gold ball gown slung it over her shoulder before she clomped away in quite literally the highest heels that Loubitin sells. “Oh thank you! I’ll use it at Trader Joe’s.”

Photos taken by Stephanie Gotch