Cecile’s Top Lesbian Movies

Cecile’s Top Lesbian Movies

Lesbian movies, they’re all the rage these days. And while we’re all for the trend, most people don’t know which films were trailblazing, which ones followed suit, and frankly, which ones are even good.

So here is a tastefully curated list, for women who love women… But before we proceed, one must always remember the carnal rule: In order for a film to rank in this list of the lesbian movies that made us, it needs to be first and foremost, a good movie.  


Tied in 1st place:

THE HANDMAIDEN by Chan woo Park

BOUND Lily and Lana Wachowksi

Both films are great thrillers about danger and trust that inspire you to be that strong, badass lesbian. Bound is especially effective in making Lesbianism look appealing.


If you’re into WICKED RELATIONSHIPS, these next two are for you.


2. THE BITTER TEARS OF PETRA VAN KANT Rainer Werner Fassbinder

3. Muholland Drive by David Lynch


Sorry if those were a bit intense for you… But here are a few coming of age stories to wind you down (they’re no less tragic but equally romantic).


4. Thelma by Joachim Trier

Because there truly is no better way to kick things off than with a Sci-Fi coming of age movie.

5. Water Lilies by Celine Sciamma

6. My Summer of Love by Pawel Pawlikowski

This is one of my personal favorite directors. He also directed Cold War, so definitely knows how to tell a love story.

7. Show Me Love by Lukas Moodysson

8. Blue Is The Warmest Colour by Abdellatif Kechiche

Now for the history lesson: please indulge in these old school favorites, the original trailblazers of the genre.


9. Gia by Michael Christopher

10. Fire by Deepa Mehta

Every lesbian loves a bit of drama, and this movie made an absolute scandal in India when it came out in 1996.

And last but not least, the two versions of Madchen in Uniform.


11. Madchen in Uniform by Leontine Sagan and Carl Froelich

This came out in 1931!

12. Madchen in Uniform by Geza Von Radvanyi with Romy Shneider from 1958.


These movies didn’t make the list but worth a mention!

The Watermelon Woman by Cheryl Dunye

But I’m A Cheerleader by Jamie Babbit

If These Walls Could Talk 2 by Anne Heche, Jane Anderson, Martha Coolidge

Carol by Todd Haynes

The Hunger by Tony Scott