Discover Anime thanks to our Unemployed friend Maud Escudie,

Balenciaga Model, climber extraordinaire, fan of Zombies.

She is also the founder of Dykes out a womxns organization in Paris, planning parties, dinners, and performances.

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As a start you have to watch all of the Miazaki’s , If you haven’t already, you can find them all on Netflix.

Here are my two favorites :

Spirited Away by Hayaho Miyazaki

Princess Monoké by Hayaho Miyazaki

You then have to watch ;

Grave of the fireflies by Isao Takahata.  But beware this one is particularly sad.


Ghost in the shell (1995) by Mamoru Oshii


Wicked City (hentai*) By Yoshiaki Kawaji

Perfect Blue by Yoshikazu Takeuchi. ( Thriller , little anecdote the film Black Swan is inspired by this anime, they even bought the rights to a scene)


Demon City Shinjuku by Makaitoshi Shinjuku

Devil Man Lady (series)


Tokyo Ghoul ( series)


Cibercity Oedo 808 (cyberpunk action)


Neon Genesis Evangelion (action mecha : robots)


Crying freeman (series)


Attack on titan (series)


Fist of the north Star (series)


The death Note (series)


highschool of the dead (series)


And to Finish with a little Yuri ( form of Hentai involving two or more females )

Citrus (yuri teen) (series)


Strawberry Panic (series)