The last time I lived in NY I use to live in Alphabet city, and from the vague memories that I have one stands out;

My dog giving birth to puppies in my bed, thus waking up with blood on my face, going to the bathroom with an obvious raging hangover, realising there was blood everywhere (although I thought at first it was BBQ sauce from chicken wings eaten in bed whilst drunk) and going back to bed to find 3 charming chihuahuas in the duvet.

I have been in New York for almost 5 days now ( having not been here for 3 years, may help with the story).
Here is what has happened so far. (Which isn’t much.)

I have made a list of the things I was suppose to do.
Baring in mind I was here to WORK.

-Do Meetings, castings etc, AKA work, in order to relaunch somehow a modelling career.
Through no fault of mine, this wasn’t achieved. (for once)

-Not drink too much- Clearly not achieved and may never be.

Things I have done and wasn’t suppose to:

-Spend too much money ( is there even such a thing)

-Pay 250 bucks for a Psychic who told me to change my name and hide.

-Possibility of a new tattoo, after paying shit loads of money to get them removed in order to get more, and stupider ones. (Thank god this hasn’t actually happened!)

-Losing pouch with 600 bucks in it, freak out, then finding it on the STREET 2 hours later. That was great. In fact that was fucking incredible.

-Realised that the city hasn’t changed one bit, nor have my friends, who do the same thing, go to the same places ,Live in the same flats, and are still the same rad people than when I left.
Just like this big Apple.

NYC once again, you mad cow, it’s been real.
And as you can read, successful.