1: Metropolis, London

234 Cambridge Heath Road,
London E29NN

Number one for a reason. A 3 Floored strip bar in Bethnal Green. I use to live right around the corner so I use to be quite the regular. The ground floor is your typical layout, but with the longest pole I’ve ever seen that stretches though to the second floor. I saw this very patriotic tattooed english stripper covered in english flags and lions etc climb to the very top of the pole, then slide at lightning speed but stopped about a foot from the floor. It was terrifying. On the second floor is one of the greatest things I have ever seen in a stripbar. There is this real convertible glittery pink sand jeep/buggy parked in the corner of the room. First, what you do is choose 3 girls. Then you get handed super soakers before entering the jeep. The girls come out in towels and then get naked and start washing the car. Soap stubs and rubbing boobs on the windscreen, the whole nine yard. You get to spirt the girls with the super soakers anywhere but the face!

The third floor is a tropical tikki themed layout with individual palm tree roofed booths and the entire floor is covered in sand. A real treat!

2: The Body Shop, LA

131 N la Cienega Blvd
Los Angeles
CA 90048

This bar is number 2 in our top 10 because it is so consistent, it’s like going to Starbucks. It’s not particularly special but the girls are very enthusiastic and usually pretty hot. They’re naked, so no alcohol unfortunately as it’s the united states. The competition between the girls is pretty high so the private rooms can be pretty crazy.

3: Pumps, Brooklyn NY

1089 Grand street
NY 11222

This place is brilliant. It’s a different set up/look to your normal strip bar. The girls are fresh, unlike the typical stripper that looks like time stopped after 1985. You can expect a lot of tattoos, goths and hot girls that you could see being your girlfriend or that you might meet in a normal bar. The music is ace and all the girl dance behind the main bar – if you want a private dance, then all you need to do is ask!

4: Riviera, Queens NY

34-48 Steinway St
Long Island City
NY 11101

I was taken here by a friend and it was the first time I ever really experienced what it was to “make it rain” My friend changed about $1000 dollar into $1s and started throwing them into the air. Within seconds we are jammed into this booth with about 7 big booty strippers. This place is a “booty club” – they don’t strip like normal strippers, its just a lot of twerking and booty bouncing. The girls are rude puerto rican and black girls, all curvy with bubble butts. One girl was dressed like a gang member with  a bandana. After a while, it all felt a little weird. I left with a graze on my stomach from where my belt buckle had been rubbing me. I got friction burn from all the strippers  twerking on me. Not sure if i was into it at the time, but it certainly made me want to go back… just to double check.

5: New York Dolls, NY

59 Murray St
New York
NY 10007

The first strip bar I ever went to. I visited New York for the first time when I was 19. My mate took me to New York Dolls and I had my first lap dance from a stripper who, in my mind, looked exactly like Elle Macpherson! I couldn’t believe that for $10 I could see her naked. I guess you can say that from this point onwards, I was hooked.

6: Deja Vu, las Vegas.

3247 S industrial Rd
Las Vegas
NV 89109

I was in this band when I was 20 year old and we shot a video outside Las Vegas at a spot called Shellys Ranch. On our night out, we met a casino manager who promised us the time of our lives. I recall he said “tonight everything is free”, and after a bit of gambling, he took us to Deja Vu. We were given the full VIP treatment when we arrived including the full tour of the club. The private rooms where themed: there was ‘the jungle”, “heaven”, “hell”,”the moon” etc. For some reason, I gravitated towards “heaven”. I was graced with this crazy dance by this unbelievably flexible stripper. She climbed all over me, and I remember the strong scent of peach seeping from her pores. Oh, and she had a pierced butt hole.

That night we had a sort of “lock in” at the club and just got hammered with the strippers. There were three poles on the stage and I bet a stripper I could beat her in a pole climbing competition. It was about who could get to the top first. It was me, a stripper and a guy who worked at my record label. Weirdly, the stripper came last and I was second.

7: X Club, Tallinn Estonia

6 Harju street

This was one of the most memorable strip bars I’ve been to in eastern Europe. Simply because of the calibre of girls. They were so beautiful. I got a dance from this gorgeous stripper and all she wore was a pair of pistol heels.

8: Little Darlings and Deja Vu, Kalamazoo MI

1336 Ravine Road
MI 49004

These two strip bars literally face each other. One is topless and one is naked. The idea is you get drunk in the topless one and then walk straight into the naked one. Which is exactly what we did. They have this thing called “adventures in boobyland” where there are naked cowgirls and naked ping pong shooters :()

9: Secrets, London

62 Glenthorne Rd
London W6OLR

Mary and I had a random night here once. It was completely empty. Secret has a twist to the normal strip bar experience. A little bit of lap dancing went on but we ended up becoming friends with these two strippers. The super hot one latched onto Mary and I was landed with the other who was a little on the heavy side and had this unavoidable smell of toilet paper.

10: Orchard Towers – The ‘Four Floors of Whores’, Singapore

Corner of Orchard Rd and Claymore Rd

I’d heard rumors of this place and we found it when we were playing in Singapore last year. It is what it is- four floors of whores. Floor levels of different strip bars, all full of prostitutes. Weirdly we ended up on the lady boy floor but non of us indulged.